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some nerd: communism will never work because human nature

me: image

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Anonymous said: Thank you for the in depth answer! I know a lot about the functions, just not totally sure how they look in motion. What else do you notice about ENTJs? Do you know of any well known male ENTJs? I suspect Casey Neistat is one, esp bc of his studio.

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I would greatly appreciate it if at least 30 MBTI aware individuals would either inbox me (anon is fine) or reply to this post with:

  1. their MBTI type
  2. a typical, approximate time it takes them to fall asleep

Please only answer if you’re certain of your MBTI type. Thanks in advance to anyone who actually answers, this will help me with a current project

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1. Favorite comfort food?

i always want a slushie

2. Who was your first crush?

it was mads mikkelsen before i knew it was mads mikkelsen so probably when i was like -27 or something

3. Can you remember your favorite dream and/or worst nightmare?

my nightmares are lame like people i love leaving me or being seriously haunted by a malicious spirit. the best was when thranduil tried to imprison me in his sex palace and dominate me

4. Language you want to learn the most and why?

welsh because its fun to pronounce and strange and would contribute to my ancient scholarly interests

5. Song/piece that makes you cry every time?

the kit kat jingle

6. TV show/movie/book that always seems to cheer you up?

merlin in all its tacky glory, whisper of the heart, richard dawkins documentaries

7. Current body wash/shampoo aroma?

anything that doesnt make me smell like garbage and/or a garbage bag full of squashed fruit

8. Favorite villain and why?




9. If your current tumblr icon fought Nicolas Cage in a cage match, who would win?

well considering that mine has a typewriter i’d say neither, they’d probably sit down and write a hot fanfic called ~caged desire

10. If you could introduce one extinct or fantasy animal to the world, which would you choose?

baphomet, i need an army

11. Would you rather live in cathedral ruins or a pimped out mountain?

cathedral ruins on a secluded mountain that is exactly the extent of my aspirations

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  1. Last thought you had
  2. How long does it take you to fall asleep
  3. Favorite quote(s)
  4. Something you absolutely can’t stand
  5. Favorite article of clothing
  6. Where do you want to be most in this exact moment
  7. Worst habit
  8. Fictional character you really relate to
  9. Strangest thing to ever happen to you
  10. Favorite movie
  11. How do you feel about richard dawkins

this is rly important

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Madam," I said, "innumerable troubles have befallen me, and I am very grateful to you, as you have shown me the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. You have little feet like knife blades.

Cast Down by Sadness, Leonora Carrington