The Deviant Gentleman

The Deviant Gentleman

Exterminate All Rational Thought

eid mubarak nerds

I was aghast and trembling with rage. Of course I know I should have killed him then, but I always was a coward and never could face the horror of jabbing a bayonet in a man’s belly; and as usual, my rifle was unloaded. All I could do was gasp: “You murderer, you murderer.”

A Fool I’ the Forest: A Phantasmagoria (1925); Richard Aldington

rashida jones must die andy samberg’s ok tho he can stay but i have never seen that movie so idk
i dont care to hate either but together no thnx bye

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Exactly how I felt with this film
bless u

 watched like two minutes of celeste and jesse forever and immediately hated both of them

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Anonymous said: Why the hell do you hate tony stark so much??


because he is evil how many times do I have to answer this question

not even a cool evil like magneto he’s just a selfish asshole

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